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Preferred Vendor

Coastal Tipper Hire:

trade. When awarding a contract we

go on price, availability, capability and


How has your company been

impacted by sustainability and

environmental requirements for


“More often than not our projects

will come with documented drawings.

Where we see possibilities, we will

suggest environmentally friendly

ways. The challenge is that all the

clients are often working to a budget

on a commercial level, so you can only

suggest ways to be more sustainable,

like LED lighting and solar panels. And

Nick Ray

hopefully they take it, if they don’t

you just have to work within council


How long would it take you to

complete a project?

“One thing which I didn’t mention

earlier on. The reason we win a lot

of work is because customers love

it when you push a job out quickly.

It makes everybody’s life easier.

We discuss construction programs

throughout contract meetings to

work with the clients expectations

and requirements, we always aim to

complete ahead of schedule where

possible as it’s always in the best

interest for the client and Onesector.”

Is it quite a competitive industry?

“It’s very competitive at the moment,

however, we are at a stage where our

overheads are low and our work output

is maximised for the amount of staff

we have. We have been successful in

over 85% of jobs tendered in the last

2 years so that’s testament to the

tight ship we are running.