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practice notes on the subject of fi-

nancial and asset management.

LGAT offers a number of profes-

sional development opportunities to

both elected members and officers.

It has instituted a rolling program of

development opportunities that ad-

dress local government issues and


In the recent past, the LGAT ran a

forum for finance and asset officers

around integrating financial and as-

set management and one on the im-

plementation of the heavy vehicle

regulations. Programs such as these

are regularly held throughout the


Essential role played by


LGAT has provided great help and

support to Tasmania’s councils over

the years. In addition to represent-

ing them at the State and Federal

level, the association provides train-

ing to council staff and a host of re-

sources to assist them in the perfor-

mance of their functions.

The work that the association does

assumes greater importance as the

local government sector is undergo-

ing important changes.

Mayor Doug Chipman sees a major

role for the association in the days

ahead. He said, “This is a time of sig-

nificant proposed reform to the sec-

tor and I intend to ensure the voice

of local government is heard clear-

ly by those in power. I would like to

see LGAT on the front foot in regards

to issues such as planning reform,

amalgamations, shared services

and financial reform.”