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Business View Australia - July 2015 7



Business confidence in the country is

improving. National Australia Bank’s June

survey of businesses showed confidence

levels climbing to their highest in 21 months.

The series of interviews which we have

conducted this month and the research

we have done for the related sectors and

industries drives us to this same conclusion.

The construction industry and the real estate

sector continue to do well and show growth.

We have analysed the working of a number

of companies in this area and we hope that

you will find the write-ups interesting. We

have done an in-depth article on Devco

Project & Construction Management, a highly

successful company in this sector. In this

issue we have also covered SBP Australia,

Hayden’s Plastering Interiors and EcoElectric.

In an attempt to round off our analysis of

this sector we talked to Propertybuyer, a real

estate agent who works exclusively for the

buyer. We also look at ParkTrent Property

Group, a full-service real estate company

with offices spread across the country.

The other organisation in this sector that

we have covered in this issue is the Real

Estate Institute of Australia, which is the

peak national association for the real estate

profession and has as its members the

State and Territory Real Estate Institutes.

Australian Constructors Association is a

body representing the leading construction

companies in the country and is dedicated to

promoting sustainable construction methods.

In this issue we look at its functioning

and the steps it has taken to promote

the construction sector in the country.

The meat industry is a mainstay of the

economy and it has traditionally been a

prominent exporter. We take a close look

at Argyle Prestige Meats, Campbell Foods

and DSK Angus & Charolais to understand

the functioning of these highly successful

companies. Under this category we also look

at Western Australian Farmers Federation,

an institution which is over 100 years old.

The service sector accounts for about two

thirds of the economy and the franchise

industry forms a critical component,

with Australia having one of the highest

number of franchisees per capita in the

world. Geowash and Kick Juice Bar are two

growth stories that we look at this month.

We have also done in-depth stories on

the aged care industry and the health

sector by reviewing the operations of

two premier institutions, Lynden Aged

Care and The Valley Private Hospital.

Some of the Councils in the country are doing

exemplary work in providing infrastructure that

is the best in the world for the communities

they serve. Our current issue examines the

role played by two such Councils, Great

Lakes Council and Orange City Council.

Finally, we look at a sector of the Australian

economy that has been depressed for the

last couple of years – the mining and minerals

sector. The South Australian Chamber of

Mines and Energy (SACOME) has convinced us

that the long term prospects of this sector are

extremely strong if the government plays its

role by providing the required infrastructure.

We hope that you find the articles

interesting and informative and look

forward to your inputs and suggestions.

Best wishes,

Ravinder Kapur