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As a hotel in the South West of Aus-

tralia, Caves House Hotel experienc-

es considerable fluctuations in visi-

tor numbers. Even so, their iconic live

entertainment events happen all year

round. After all, the hotel is famous

for its entertainment, as well as the

various drinks and food on offer. Dur-

ing the summer season, more than

70 staff are employed in the organi-

sation though the number is reduced

to about 30 in the winter. Different

seasons provide different avenues

for entertainment, however, and both

Neil and Libby always has a full pro-

gram for the guests.

To that end, Caves House Hotel sup-

ports local artists as much as possi-

ble so the two partners employ people

from the community as often as they

can. Aside from music, the hotel also

offers a wide range of other activities

such as Murder Mysteries and Come-

dy Nights. Furthermore, there are sev-

eral huge events that attract a con-

siderable number of visitors such as

Octoberfest and the renowned New

Year’s party show.

Keeping the staff and

customers happy

Because the Caves House Hotel ca-

ters to a wide clientele, customer ser-

vice and satisfaction is of the utmost

importance. First of all, there is bis-

tro-style food and alcohol on offer at