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all times. The partners believe that

an extremely quick customer service

turnaround on the delivery of food and

drinks is vital so they have made sure

to keep all bases covered at all times.

The staff themselves take pride in

their work, particularly because the

hotel is an iconic and fun place to

work at. The staff take care of every

customer with a smile on their faces

while also ensuring that everything is

always clean and tidy.

Importantly, the staff at the Caves

House Hotel are considered an inte-

gral part of the experience. As such,

everyone is rewarded when they work

hard and opportunities are present-

ed equally to everyone. Libby and Neil

personally congratulate and applaud

those who excel, particularly during

the monthly staff meetings. Further-

more, they have started an annual

draw that will allow their staff to earn

a paid holiday worth $2,000 as recog-

nition of their hard work.

Managing an iconic hotel

As for the hotel itself, managing it is

an absolutely pleasure for both part-

ners. Libby not only grew up inside of

hotels due to her father’s business

but she and Neil also have a strong

love for the arts. Those two elements

are strongly combined in the Caves

House Hotel. Of course, it is still a

business so the economic side of

things has also got to be considered.

To achieve prosperity, Libby and Neil

have a five-year plan in place which