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Business View Australia - November-December 2015

Strong relationship with


The CAPS Clinic uses the most

technologically advanced and reputed

equipment for treating its patients.

In fact, Dr Alastair Taylor is not an

early adopter of technology. When a

company launches a new product, the

CAPS Clinic first observes how it is

doing in the market and the results that

it produces.

Only if it is fully satisfied with the

product’s efficacy and safety does it go

ahead and acquire the new product and

use it for the treatment of its patients.

Cheryl Taylor says, “We have been

working with our skin care company,

Advanced Skin Technology, since we

introduced skin care back in 1999, the

year after we started practice. They

have grown and developed and met the

market at a number of different levels

as the industry has matured. That has

been a really good relationship for us.

“We use Cutera lasers and they have

been a great solid force in the laser

industry. They have been really good to


The best hair removal machines are

available from Lumenis. The LightSheer

is the gold standard for hair removal for

the last 15 years, in my opinion.”

Offering patients a range of


The CAPS Clinic’s patients range from

students with acne to women in their

fifties who have never looked after their

skin and now want to rejuvenate it.

Patients are offered a balance of non-

surgical and surgical options, giving

thema choice of the various treatments

available to them.

It is the policy of the clinic to advise a

patient that, say, a 25% improvement

would be available if they adopt a

certain treatment, 50% if they undergo

a particular procedure and that even an

80% to 90% improvement is possible

if they go down the surgical path. The

decision is left entirely up to the patient.

The CAPS Clinic prides itself on

providing aunique service to its patients

whilemaintaining the highest standards

of safety and professionalism.