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Page Background AT A GLANCE WHO: Silver Fern Shipping WHAT: The main distributors of bulk oil and fuel products around New Zealand WHERE: Level 8, Resimac House, 45 Johnston Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand WEBSITE:

The origins of the company date back

to the 1970s. During that time, it was

set up as a distribution center by the

oil companies so that they could joint-

ly distribute their products from the

refinery. The Marsden Point Refinery

imports crude oil from all around the

world and Silver Fern Shipping is in

turn responsible for the distribution of

the refined petroleum products.

In 2007, the company was purchased

by the ASP Ship Management group

and was placed in the market under

its current guise of Silver Fern Ship-

ping. The company has had a long his-

tory in the oil shipping industry; cru-

cially its effectiveness has remained

steady throughout the years.

Petroleum product is sourced directly

from the Marsden Point Refinery up in

the north. From there, Silver Fern Ship-

ping carries the product to 10 distri-

bution ports around the country. Two

vessels, an oil/chemical tanker and an

oil products tanker are the backbones

of the operation. Their segregated de-

sign means the company can trans-

port multiple types of products at the

same time. Today, the company is the

predominant Tanker vessel operator

within New Zealand. Its local connec-

tions and experience combined with