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on the new vessels are electronically

controlled as opposed to mechanical

systems. There’s a lot more comput-

erization based on those design fea-

tures instead of being all manual. The

result is a reduction in manpower with

increased efficiency and turnaround.

So there’s better utilization of your as-


Contrary to popular belief, oil tankers

are some of the safest vessels afloat,

primarily due to their design. Although

an incident is unlikely, there are safety

measures in place to prevent leakage.

Silver Fern Shipping’s tankers, for ex-

ample, are designed to safely contain

oil by use of a double hull construction.

The double hulled construction means

that even if an accident were to hap-

pen, it is highly unlikely that oil would

be spilled. By the end of 2017, the com-

pany will replace the oldest vessel cur-

rently in service. On top of all the oth-

er improvements, the new vessel will

have an eco-efficient hull and engine

which burns about a third less fuel. Of

course, this also translates to reduced


A strong culture that looks

at the future

The two vessels are operated by

about 70-75 crew and office staff

members of various professions. Sil-

ver Fern Shipping offers a lot of op-

portunities for growth and person-

al development inside the company

which means that someone could pro-

gress from the lowest to the highest

ranks, provided that they are capable

and hardworking. The company has a

strong training program designed pre-

cisely to encourage such activity. Fur-

thermore, they provide training places

for New Zealand’s maritime schools.

At any given time, there are four to

five training on board the two vessels.

Such programs are focused on pro-

viding training and sea time to young

cadets so that they can hopefully pro-

gress further. In the future, they might

even return and work for Silver Fern

Shipping as full-time employees.

As for the future, the company is ex-

pected to continue to operate at the

same high standard. Warren looks

forward to introducing a second new

vessel in 2017. Silver Fern Shipping

continues to look into expanding the

company into new areas and opportu-

nities within New Zealand. Although

they are a local company, with the

global resources of ASP Ship Manage-

ment behind them they can market

and expand their reach much further

than before.