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tive in order to stay ahead of the game

and the competition. Instead of focus-

ing merely at a local level, they have

to broaden their research and focus

on an international scale. There are

numerous things that can influence

the market at any given point which

means that there is a constant drive

for improvement.

“In terms of performance, we com-

pete with international ships and oper-

ators sowe have to be up for that. There

are also product changes and distribu-

tion changes around the coast. Things

have become a lot more automated.

In terms of our industry, the regulato-

ry framework continues to grow. For in-

stance, we will have to meet emission

standards on an international scale.

We have to be proactive. The introduc-

tion of new vessels has been designed

to meet those pending international

requirements and get us at the right

level for them”, says Warren.

Working within international frame-

works is a very challenging aspect of

adhering to the policies and regulations

of the business. First and foremost,

the company works with Maritime New

Zealand, the “national regulatory, com-

pliance, and response agency for the

safety, security, and environmental

protection of coastal and inland water-

ways”. This ensures that they can look

ahead on what is pending on the leg-

islative slate. Moreover, they look out-