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Business View Australia - November-December 2015

Local Area Traffic

Management Policy

The objective of Yarra’s Local Area

Traffic Management Policy (LATM) is

to manage the physical road space

available within city limits. For this

purpose, the city is divided into

twenty-one local precincts, each

one bound by arterial roads or other

physical barriers such as creeks or

rivers. A holistic approach has been

adopted that considers the entire

area rather than only specific sites

or isolated streets. In the future,

Local Area Place Making (LAPM)

studies are set to replace LATM,

as Council will be taking a broader

place making approach to Yarra’s


The city’s 40km/h speed limit is an

important part of Yarra’s initiative to

control traffic and make the streets

safer for pedestrians. In view of the

fact that the speed at which people

drive motor vehicles is strongly

influenced by the design of roads,

Council has implemented a number

of strategies to deter motorists from


It has provided several physical