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Business View Australia - November-December 2015

congestion. As part of this program,

Yarra became the first municipality

in Australia to implement a 40km/h

speed limit in all local residential


This step was initiated as studies

had shown that a pedestrian is

three times more likely to be killed

if struck by a car travelling at

50km/h than at 40km/h. Council’s

long-term vision for local streets

has been to slow traffic enough to

create a safer environment for all

road users. The lower speed limit

does not apply on Bridge Road,

Swan Street, Victoria Street and

most major arterial roads.

Yarra’s ongoing work to implement

40km/h speed limits on all local roads

has received a special commendation

in the Safe Speeds category of the

Towards Zero Awards presented by

the Transport Accident Commission,


Traffic management has been a

focus of Council for over two decades.

The Local Area Traffic Management

Program was established over

20 years ago. It uses community

feedback and data collected in traffic

studies to analyse local traffic trends

and then help implement different

treatments to help manage local