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Business View Australia - November-December 2015

Sponsor’s Message: Aussie Civil – Yarra Contractor

A civil contractor with over 20 years of experience, Aussie Civil has a strong reputation

for quality work. In the last four years, the company has done several assignments for the

City of Yarra, reinforcing its position as a firm that completes projects on time and within


Civil construction has been in the Poulter family for two generations. Michael Poulter

started a company called Juniper Constructions, which executed a number of jobs that

received high acclaim. Subsequently, his son Paul started out on his own with Aussie Civil.

Working with Yarra City Council, Aussie Civil has utilised its skills and experience in execut-

ing several important projects. The job completed at the six-hectare Burnley Park, which

overlooks the Yarra River, deserves special mention. It involved rock wall beaching and

the construction of a stacked stone wall. The park is a popular sports venue and a favour-

ite spot for picnics.

Aussie Civil has done extensive work for the Yarra City Council’s Engineering Services,

Traffic Management and Building Services units. The company has a stated policy of us-

ing only accredited suppliers.

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Melbourne has also utilised the services of Aussie Civil, as

Paul’s company has demonstrated that it is capable of working in an environment where

it is essential to create the least possible disturbance.

Having secured ISO 9001 Quality Assurance accreditation in the current year, Aussie Civil

is ready to grow its business.

The budget for 2015/16 was adopted

by Council on 23 June 2015. It

focusses on investment in community

infrastructure, with significant funds

allocated to North Fitzroy Community

Hub and the Yarra Community Youth

Centre. The budget has also made a

substantial allotment of funds for the

further expansion and refinement of

Yarra’s open space network.

Council makes optimum use of

its resources and has devised an

intricate system to ensure that funds

are allocated for a particular project

only after due deliberation and

discussion. For 2015/16, Council has

a total operating expenditure budget

of $159million. A sum of $40.5million

has been allocated for a number of

capital works.

In August 2014, Yarra became the

first Australian local government





certification against the One Planet

Council standard for its world-

class sustainability program. ‘One

Planet Living’ is an internationally

recognised benchmark bestowed

on regions that are exemplars of

sustainable living.