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Business View Australia - November-December 2015

treatments that have been proven

to lower the speed at which most

people drive. The yearly budget

allocation for traffic management

projects is about $200,000.

Council has a policy of involving the

local community to identify traffic-

related problems and suggest

solutions. Residents, ratepayers and

other stakeholders can give their

views on how a particular issue can

be tackled. A Traffic Study Group

comprised of Councillors, Council’s

traffic engineers and independent




suggestions made to them.

Subsequently, the Traffic Study Group

prepares a Traffic Management Plan

for Council’s consideration. This plan

identifies problemareas and suggests

solutions. In the normal course,

traffic management objectives are

achieved by taking a number of steps,

including the installation of road

humps, modifications to the kerb to

slow traffic or by implementing one-

way streets or turn bans.

Council is careful to implement

solutions on an area-wide basis

so that one street’s traffic issues

are not passed onto neighbouring