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Business View Australia - November-December 2015

Another important area in which

Council has taken a strong initiative

is that of preserving the environment.

Council’s “Move With Us” logo is

designed to convey to residents that

it is preferable to walk rather than to

travel by motor car. The logo depicts

pedestrians, a cyclist, public transport

and a car in progressively smaller

sizes to convey this message.

Rubberised footpaths

Ensuring that footpaths are well

maintained is critical for the safety of

residents. Yarra has 491 kilometres

of footpath and Council upgrades

approximately 10,000 square meters

of footpath every year at a cost of

about $2.1 million.

In another first, Council has taken

an innovative approach to community

safety by introducing footpaths made

of rubberised asphalt. This rubber

matting product has been trialled in

Nicholson Street and George Street

in Fitzroy and McKean Street in North

Fitzroy, with plans to extend its use to

other areas.

The matting minimises long-term

maintenance costs and improves skid

resistance. Additionally, it is better

than asphalt as a footpath made

of this traditional material cracks

and breaks when the roots of some

species of trees push through the

surface. Rubber matting, on the other

hand, can be rolled back to allow tree

roots to be trimmed before being re-